Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Travel Beading Inspiration Tins

Ok, so i have been busy making up some of the Travel Inspiration Tins to put up for sale in my My Etsy Shop click the link and you shall see them :)

Bead kit tins are now available in 2 sizes, but will soon be available in 3 sizes. There is the Mini, a Medium and  A5 size. Each tin kit comes with approx 25g of seed bead soup, a tube of accent beads, a glass rivoli, a reel of nymo thread, 2 beading needles, and a piece of bead mat to work on. Then on the mini and A5 sizes a nice piece of pretty elastic to hold your lid shut when transporting in your bag or luggage.

The Travel Tin Kits come in 3 colour blends at the moment, but more colour choices and mixes will be available soon.

These tins are fantastic for weekend's away, or holidays, or just for beading at home. You can remove the bead mat so that you can use it in the lid or the base, and the reason it is removable is so that you can wash it.

Here is a couple of pictures to whet your appetites.

This is the Mini Tin with free fitting lid.

This is the A5 Tin with hinged lid.

So if you want to purchase any of the tin kits, just go to My Etsy Shop :) There are limited numbers and contents may vary. So if you see something you like, get it while you can,

I would love to hear back from anyone who has purchased one. Just email me carol@classycrystals.co.uk and i will make up a review post for others to see.

Happy Beading

Carol xxx


  1. Was lucky enough to receive a tin as a gift, and it is great for on the go beading. Will be using it at the craft group at work this week.

  2. I am glad you like it catherine. Happy beading xxx