Monday, 10 March 2014

Bead Tour Newport South Wales

Yesterday i got to meet up at a little bead fair in Newport, South Wales with my 3 bestest beady buddies from the group Operation Tackle That Bead Stash!

What a fab day it was too. We managed to catch up and have some beady fun. There were only 5 stalls at the fair but we managed to spend lots of money : )

Here is what i bought...

Here are some freshwater pearls and 2x3mm crystals from Monty's Beads

Here are some lovely seed beads and copper lustre firepolish beads from Oaktree Crafts

 Here are some lovely drops and briolettes from Totallybeads

Some lovely chinese crystal rounds, rondelles and flat bicone beads also from Totallybeads

I also got some lovely 3mm & 4mm Pearls again from Totallybeads

Now i have to come up with some lovely beadwork designs to use them in : )

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

Happy beading...

Carol xxx


  1. It was a great day wasn't it?! I can't wait until we meet up again! Looking forward to seeing what you make with all these sparklies xxx

  2. Carol, did you make the YouTube video:
    "Three Bead spiral Brick stitch rope"??

    I just found it yesterday and I'm going to try to make it today. You mentioned on your other video that if you have questions to contact you but there was no way to contact you on YouTube. So I did a WEB search and found this blog. I hope you don't mind me contacting you out of the blue like this.

    My question is: have you made a spiral brick stitch rope using more beads than 3? Like perhaps 6 beads? Would you happen to have any tips about how to go about that? Is it basically the same technique just more beads?

    Pamela Takeshige
    A beader in Japan

  3. So sorry pamela i have only just seen this. I know that i have contacted you via other means since but if anyone else is interested i shall reply here also. Yes i did make that video, and yes it is exactly the same no matter how many beads you use. xxx