Friday, 25 May 2018

Gone but never forgotten

Well hasn't that 4 yrs gone quickly!

Life has been so busy the past 4 years. Since my dad passed away in April 2013, life was hectic, i had to sort out all of my mum and dads household bills and the like, and after a year of watching my mum struggle with the berevement of her beloved husband and best friend and suffering terrible health issues herself, mum lost her fight with liver disease in January 2014 and passed away. I had lots more things to sort out, sort though, and i had to empty a lifetime of memories from mam and dads house, it was heartbreaking.

To say this had a huge impact on me is a very big understatement. My mum and I were very close. We saw each other a few times a week, and texted / phone each other nearly every day. Mum was a huge part of mine and my family's life and she is missed every day.

I have only beaded a handful of times since mum passed away, as she was always the one that loved to see my creations, and get me making gifts for her friends. I felt like my muse had left me, my creativity dwindled like a oxygen deprived flame. I have all these gorgeous beads and supplies here and no inspiration to use them.

I haven't been interested in my beady world since mum has gone,  so i took up a new hobby of crochet, i have to say a huge thank you to my wonderful online friend Janine for that. Janine has been a huge support to me over the years, and she kept encouraging me to try out crochet and have a new hobby to relieve my stress and anxiety. I have been crocheting for just over 2 years now, and learned so much in such a short space of time. I mainly make things to give as gifts, but I have made a few items for friends when they ask as well.

As each day has passed I find myself being drawn back to the beading world. Little by little, i feel the little spark coming back, finding inspiration in the simplest forms, and making notes in my little beady book of design ideas, and so i feel like i am ready to get back in the beading saddle and see if i can remember how to make beautiful beaded items again.

I know i don't have many followers, and i an not even sure if anyone reads my blog posts, but i just wanted to make a post in honour of my mum Christine and to say a big thank you to my husband and family, & my friend Janine for helping me to see the sunshine through the clouds even on the darkest days. I will forever be grateful to you all <3

My Beautiful Mum
14th May 1949 - 26th Jan 2015

Much love

Carol x

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